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Lakeland CBD Bath Bombs will make bath time a brand new experience for even the most accomplished bath enthusiast!

Packed with essential oils, these little fizz bombs will turn your bath into an explosion of colour, aromas and all the calming and relaxation sensations you’ll need after a hard week of being you.

Infused with a whopping 50mg of CBD, these homemade slices of heaven will soothe and replenish, leaving you feeling in pristine condition.

So, run those taps, light those candles and soak in those bubbles until your skin turns wrinkly.

Me time never felt so good!

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Each Bath Bomb is infused with 50mg of CBD and comes in 5 different unique scents.

Fig & Cassis

With its wild and earthy aroma, you will be transported into the greenest of woodland fairy glens. Cover yourself in a mossy warm blanket allowing the earth to calm and bring balance. With its anti-inflammatory properties, Fig & Cassis is perfect to soothe aches and pains. Give your me time a little magical infusion and let our CBD fairydust do the work

Strawberry Bon Bon

With its sweet and fruity aroma, you can wrap yourself in candy floss and throwback to your youth for bath time. With the delight of strawberry fragrance oil, rejuvenate and replenish with its anti-ageing and antioxidant properties that leaves you feeling positively radiant!

Pear & Freesia

Plunge yourself into the heart of Lake District Autumn Landscape. With the refined tang of juicy pears encased in the gentle bouquet of freshly plucked freesias. Get swept up in the leaves of Autumn and feel refreshed with your own personal zephyr from the banks of the waters Derwentwater!

Raspberry, Blackberry & Vanilla

Bringing the warmth from a roaring fire from a log cabin hidden in the depths of the Lakes, the Raspberry & Blackberry & Vanilla is by far our most sensual bath time experience. With the fruitful zest of the raspberry mixed with the musky traces of the brambly Blackberry and Vanilla, you are sure to be left feeling dazed and content with this one. Bring the heat!


Breathe easy and soothe those aches and pains with our fresh but sharp Eucalyptus bath bomb. When you start making involuntary noises to get off the sofa, you know its time for a little TLC. Take a deep breath of relief into your whole being with our wear and tear repair bath-time experience

Me time never felt so good!


THC Content: 
There is always less than 0.2% THC in our products to comply with UK Law. Please see our lab results for further information.

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Fig & Cassis, Strawberry Bon Bon, Pear & Freesia, Raspberry, Blackberry & Vanilla, Eucalyptus

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