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We pride ourselves on the quality of our oil. It has been our mission from the beginning to source the finest quality ingredients for our products and to pass these on to you, our customers.

All Lakeland CBD products are produced from the finest European industrially-grown cannabis sativa hemp plants which are ethically sourced from a regulated farming cooperative based in Spain, as the UK law requires a practically unobtainable licence from the Home Office.

We follow a very strict traceability programme whereby we can trace each and every product from seed to shelf.

Our oils contain only three natural ingredients (four in the syringes*):

We do not use a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil, linseed oil or olive oil to retain the quality and potency of the CBD in our oil.



  • Cannabis extract
  • Water
  • Organic Honey

What if my Oil Is This And Sticky?

Because of this our oil can become very sticky and gloopy in the bottles, especially when it gets cold. To combat this we introduced the syringes to our range, using the syringe method allows for easier administration of the oil. However, we understand that the syringes aren’t for everyone and we have kept the bottles in stock for those who prefer them.

To overcome the sticky situation, we are offering those purchasing the bottles a simple solution. However, it is not as convenient as we would like but, nevertheless, it works.

If you put the bottle of oil in boiling water for a few minutes before you use it, it loosens the oil up so you can use the pipette to successfully dispense drops.

We understand that this is not hugely convenient (hence the syringes), however, it is a solution. So please be aware that, if you are buying bottles, you will need to take this into consideration.

We will be unable to offer refunds for issues relating to the consistency of the oil so, again, please bear this in mind if you are purchasing a bottle with a pipette..

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