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About OUR Cosmetics

Below are a modest and yet distinct line of CBD-infused cosmetics Lakeland CBD are happy to offer.

A little something for her, something for him, something for both and even the odd item if you enjoy a long, luxurious lie in the tub.

The topical application of CBD products does not lead to it entering the bloodstream. Rather, it is absorbed through the skin, allowing it to interact with nearby Cannabinoid Receptors which in turn assists with a state of Homeostasis (we’ve discussed this subject  further in the ‘About CBD’ section of our site).

Our cosmetics combine CBD and other natural ingredients that can offer a variety of benefits. They’re designed to soothe or smooth out irritated skin and to soak out or wash off the stress and grime of the day.

Whilst we won’t be offering a prize as to whom can guess which of our directors introduced the beard oil into the Lakeland CBD range, we hope we can provide a boost, some much-needed replenishment or simply a little comfort into your day.

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