About US

About Us.

As Cumbria’s first cannabis company, we’re not just building a brand, we’re building a community. Here at Lakeland CBD we strive to be the UK’s number one source of cannabidiol products and information.

We are two friends from the Lake District, Cumbria, who discovered that we had a mutual passion for improving our health and well-being using CBD products. After a few meet ups with in-depth discussions about the positive effects of CBD oil on our own personal health and well-being, we quickly realised our dream of sharing this positivity with our friends, family and beyond. Fast forward to the present day and, after fifteen months of trading, we have already established our brand as a consistently reliable source of the highest quality CBD products on the UK market with an ever-growing range of products available.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Directors of Lakeland CBD:

Nic Hewit (BA Hons, PGDip)

Nic Hewit (BA Hons, PGDip)

Executive Director


With a background in Criminal Justice, Pharmacy and Community work she is our go-to person for all things legal and compliance. Nic has been using CBD oil for over two years and has seen a vast improvement in her health and well- being, something which she consistently shouts from the rooftops.

Nic also likes to turn her hand to the media and marketing side of the business and is a huge believer in #CollaborationNotCompetition – So if anyone is interested in collaborating with us on whatever weird and wonderful projects come to mind, she’s your woman.

Luke Woodend (BA Hons)

Luke Woodend (BA Hons)

Procurement Director


Luke is head of procurement and is constantly on the lookout for new products to add to the Lakeland CBD range. Luke’s ethos is simple, ‘quality over quantity’, and won’t settle for anything but the best. He prides himself on sourcing only products that can deliver full, daily doses of CBD so you will never see us stocking gimmicky products just for the sake of it.

Luke hails from a background in Popular Culture & Media and, with his vivid imagination and eye for detail, he is the creative dynamic of our team. His ideas and creations are laid out on the page before you, brought to life by our friends at Flying Fox Creative. Luke has been a cannabis advocate since he was a teenager but has seen a huge improvement in his own health and well-being since incorporating CBD oil into his daily routine.


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